The Role Of Confucian Business Ethics And The Economy

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Confucian Ethics has a big role in the government as well as in the economy of different crucial stages of development of Confucianism such as the Agrarian Economy, Neo- Confucians in the commercialized economy, Reformist Confucian’s economy and Modern Confucians in the global economy. By this study it proved that the morals and ethics of Confucius should be applied in a macro level than in a micro level wherein the relevance of Confucian Business Ethics and economy are applied by the previous leaders with different perspectives and result of their term. “Confucian Business Ethics and the Economy” by Joanna Kit- Chun wants to address the connection between the Confucian Business Ethics and the economy in several crucial stages of development …show more content…

I agree on his statement that, “The great man regards Heaven and Earth and the myriad things as one body. He regards the world as one family and the country as one person. As to those who make a cleavage between objects and distinguish between self and others, they are small men. That the great man can regard Heaven, Earth and the myriad things as one body is not because he deliberately wants to do so, but because it is natural to the human nature of his mind that he do so.” a leader should unite everyone as one and treat his people as one. The Reformist Confucian’s economy ad Modern Confucians in the global economy are almost the same as the other crucial stages above that uses different technique which applies the Confucianism with the help of these thinkers named Kang Youwei, the leader of “Hundred Day Reform” who think that frugality is not a virtue, and thinks that the aim of economic production was to gratify human wants and desire. Suen Yixian, the “Father of the Republic” was also influential in this period who thought that industrialization is what China needed in order to improve its

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