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Book Review: China in 21st Century

China in the 21st Century written by Jeffery N. Wasserstrom was published in 2010 with the purpose to clear up the misconceptions that many Westerners have towards China. Wasserstrom adds insights of each issue revealing the truth providing readers with a basic knowledge of China. Jeffery N. Wasserstrom is one of the writers/ scholars on China today. He is a specialist in Chinese History in a wide range of topics ranging from the globalization affects urban life to popular culture to American views of Asia. He has also published several books on the topics of China (Wasserstrom).
The book is relatively short of 135 pages which seemed almost impossible to summarize the vast history of China to it’s
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The chapter also extends on to Confucius learning among the populace and its usage by the government, Confucian learning and its relevance to China’s modernization program, and connections between Confucian teachings and democracy. Essentially, the author’s purpose for chapter 1 is to establish an understanding on the importance of Confucian learning undergoing transformations and adapted to modern times.
Confucius was a philosopher that has been highly associated of a saint of godlike figure even with temples devoted to him. His ideas were importance since China wants to be represented as Confucian and Communist that complement one another. Hence, the author devoted the first and one whole explaining about Confucius himself then slowly expanding into his contribution to China as a whole to build a big picture.
For section two of the book, the author purposely dedicated chapter 5 to “U.S-China Misunderstandings”. The author breaks the chapters up into different questions from the general view point Americans get wrong about China to more in-depth issues such as ethnicity, religion, and governing system. It is clear that the focus of the chapter is about the misunderstandings that some Americans may have of China, thus it could be difficult for some non-American readers to relate to this specific chapter. Each question was chosen carefully to alter the misconceptions of Americans’ point of views
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