The Role Of Divorce In The United States

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Marriage is a gourds approved mating arrangements, usually marked by some type of ritual. America tends to have a free spirit when it comes to marriages. People marry for love and occasionally money, but it is not an arranged or forced ritual. It is highly regarded and meant to be special. Anything as common as marriage though will have trends. One of the most astonishing trends lately in the United States is Cohabitation. Cohabitation is unmarried couples living together in a sexual relationship.(397) While cohabitation is not marriage, it is considered the next best thing. You do everything a married couple does, except when you decide you are done with your partner, you can leave at anytime without having to file for divorce. Also cohabitation…show more content…
It is difficult to measure divorce since most people who get divorced don't do it the same year they were married. Divorce increases every year but a factor that plays into this is the fact that race-ethnicity makes a difference for the likelihood that couple will or will not divorce.(399) While most mixed race marriages end in failure, few actually fair better than the national average. Another characteristic of divorce would be the ripple effect. The divorce does not only affect the actual people getting a divorce it impacts the children’s lives. Children who fell close to both parents fair better in a divorce than a child who is slightly estranged to a parental figure.(402) the ripple effect remains since children of divorced parents are more likely to get divorced themselves and have a continuing cycle. Also as an effect of divorce more and more common are single parents. Remarriage does not count into divorce statistics even though they were at one time divorced. Of the marriages each year only about fifty four percent are first time marriages.(404) Remarriage is common enough but usually less successful when there are children involved in the situation. The norms are undefined and the people are trying to find or make there way in this new marriage. (404) There are many more complex trends that go into the make up of United States family. Yet each individual family are one of a kind and cannot use just statistics to see their future outcome. One thing is for sure thought, people will always continue the tradition of marriage and find it vital to them and their
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