The Role Of Gender Inequality On Young Girls

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The Role of Gender Inequality All parents care about equality. Not only for all races, but for all genders as well. Equality is, and will always be the basic foundation of humanity. However, we still see gender inequality on a daily basis negatively affecting not only women, but young girls as well. This is because society uses women to appeal to an audience, and portrays them as being objects. If gender inequality stays a prominent part of the American culture, equality will never be reached. In order to change the stigma of gender inequality, we as parents have to teach our daughters that gender inequality is a reality, is very dangerous, and can be changed with their help. In this essay, I will explain how gender inequality is a real issue, how it has negative effects on young girls, and how it can be reversed by educating our daughters on the subject. Firstly, in order to explain how gender inequality is harmful to women and young girls, I must explain what it is, and show how it exists in society. Gender inequality is the unequal treatment or perception of someone based on whether they’re a boy or girl. The people who do not agree with gender inequality are known as feminists, however, feminism often gets a bad reputation. Many people believe that feminism portrays man-hating and pro-women prejudices. This is not the case at all. Actual feminists strive for equality of both genders. Gender equality is the belief that all genders deserve equal opportunities and

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