The Role Of Gender Roles In The Elizabethan Era

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The stereotypical topic of gender roles in early history is the definition of the Elizabethan Era. Since the beginning of time females has been ranked below all male figures in status as well as a work force. Furthermore, the men were known to be the breadwinners for the family whereas the women were meant to stay at home housewife (Sharnette). Throughout history this storetype has evolved, but an average day for a male and female during the Elizabethan Era is rather contrasting. With women having little to none privileges, men being in complete control of the their life in addition to the lives of their spouses and the effects of the imbalance in gender roles on the people throughout that time period are a few to many of how the…show more content…
Men had high expectations, in other words, their life was meant to be belligerent and “self-satisfying” as Pettit describes. Pettit also depicts in her article: A look at male gender roles in Shakespeare's Renaissance, “that men in Renaissance society were expected to engage in public affairs in the way of soldiers, politicians, and other leaders; to be talkers, decision makers, and move events forward.” While the roles between males and females were unequal, the men hauled their weight in working and providing food to put on the table. They were the face of the family name that was presented to the society.
Roles for women were short, consequently affecting the lives of the men around them. With having complete authority throughout the Elizabethan era, compensation for the men was needed in order for everyday life to thrive due to the limitations women faced. In the event that women were not allowed to act or even in some instances allowed to attend theatrical events, the female roles were played by men giving them more lines to learn and forcing them to changing into a whole new character. (Horizon Magazine Editors). As well as a hardworking housewife that became very masculine with her daily work, the social norm of the way men believed the definition of a man was, evolved through the course of that time (Petite). And the major component where the
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