The Role Of Legalization Of Prostitution In The United States

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Last week our class discussed the multiple thought provoking questions and statements put up on the board. While discussing, I realized that my beliefs are based upon my upbringing. This includes my familial structure, my religion, my parent’s political affiliation, and more. Being that my parents are liberal, I have grown up watching CNN and learning to accept all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and more. I learned through my Judaism and schooling, as well as my peers. My mother also works in the Pennsylvania State Health Department in Sexual Transmitted Diseases and Tuberculosis. With that comes an understanding of the need for public health care and assistance. As I have matured into a young adult, I have continued along the same path. …show more content…

If we as students do not query ourselves and our peers, we cannot learn. Questioning one another, we acquire an understanding where other ideas and beliefs come from. I sat in class questioning why I believed the way I did. With this, came a change of mind on certain things such as the legalizing of prostitution. In a democracy, especially, if one is not put into question the ideals and beliefs of that individual will become the identity of all. The democracy we live in today in the United States is silencing our questions to almost nothing. Our media is being suppressed by the federal government. This leads to the silence of beliefs and the end of classes such as this. We as citizens and as young adults in higher education need to continue questions not only ourselves but also others in order to keep an open

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