The Role Of Male Socialization On Children Essay

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Before I was born into this hectic society, I was assigned the specific gender of “female” based solely on the genitals I possessed. From then on, I was instructed and socialized by the ones I love and trust how to dress, love, carry myself, and act amongst others solely based off my gender assignment. My family was always trying to put me in cute dresses and put all sorts of bows in my hair. I remember them telling me, “You are going to make a man very happy one day,” or “Just wait till you get married to the man of your dreams.” This type of heterosexual enforcement continued to be encouraged in church and throughout the media by socializing and teaching me to believe that one day I would find one man that I would marry and continue to pass on the cycle of heterosexual socialization to my children. Due to all of this exposure, heterosexuality became natural and thus, normal to me; however, this type of heterosexual socialization and heteronormativity is often unrealistic to those who desire a different relationship or family, causing them to feel excluded by a majority of society. This kind of exclusion has made people realize that this type of socialization is dangerous because it makes those who do not fit into this idealistic society feel trapped. It is also seen as unnecessary due to the immense amount of pressure it creates on everyone to live up to society’s expectations and is simply inconsistent with today’s diverse social and familial formations that people

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