Anne Fausto-Sterling Research Paper

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Anne Fausto-Sterling is an amazing feminist who is trying to challenge historical dualisms of two sexes and two genders. In the Western society, both religion and biology are perceived as destiny. Fausto-Sterling defines the “developmental systems theory,” as one that denies that there are “fundamentally two kinds of processes: one guided by genes, hormones, and brain cells (that is, nature), the other by the environment, experience, learning, or inchoate social forces (that is, nurture)” (Fausto-Sterling 2000, 25). Considering this, Fausto-Sterling’s theory provides a breakdown of the three key dualisms: sex/gender, nature/nurture, and real/constructed. This proves that their individuals who are born as mixtures of male and female. As I have…show more content…
Two months later, my family found out that she was dating a woman and immediately, my family started to refer to her as a lesbian while others used the term, “turn to the other side”. My point is, when I was 17 years old, I might not have understood why my family referred to my cousin as a lesbian, like what Fausto-Sterling’s theory pointed out. Today, I have grown and developed a better understanding of the mythology of sex and gender and the societal definition of normality. I believe that the Western society is strongly influenced by religion and biology. For that reason, residents of Western society are being forced to fit into two categories, rather than choosing their own classification. An individual who display signs of an androgynous sexuality experience difficulties ticking one sex and is being forced due to medical reasons. I do not believe that anyone should be forced to compromise their differences in order to fit in a flawed societal definition of normality. I am also majoring in anthropology and I have learnt that gender and sex can be cultural or situational. I think that Western civilization is also highly influenced by gender roles, especially during the early stages of a child’s
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