The Role Of Men And Women During A Patriarchal Society

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Role of Men and Women in a Patriarchal Society Patriarchy has been evident throughout history and it is no wonder that stories in which a male protagonist or men overall would be seen and treated differently for their actions, especially towards women and multiple lovers, and women would be more criticized for the same actions done by a man. The Odyssey by Homer, an ancient Greek author best known for writing the Iliad and the Odyssey, is a good example of the difference on roles of men and women and the support of patriarchal thinking. The rule of man over women was long established as a social norm in Greek society and culture. Odysseus can be categorized as a womanizer, a smart and cunning man, who through his journey has had many lovers as compared to his wife, Penelope, who for ten years stayed loyal and outsmarted many suitors in the kingdom of Ithaca.
Implemented throughout history and seen in Greek culture, patriarchy is a system of society and government in which men hold the power and women are seen as more submissive. Dating back to pretty much the Neolithic Era where hunting and gathering was no longer a necessity for survival and nomadic societies began to rely on agriculture for food. During this era women would start to be deemed as less than men, or no longer equal as they were during the era of hunting and gathering. Patriarchy is even seen in religion like those of the Greeks. Even Athena who is the goddess of wisdom and battle and also one of the 12

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