The Role Of Public Relations On The Fashion Industry Essay

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Today we live in a world driven by relationships, first impressions and visual communication. As human beings we have a tendency to instinctively allow ourselves to react by what we see and feel at a specific moment, making such reaction unpredictable and capriciously volatile. Studying relationships is of extreme importance because when we understand why public and individuals react to stimuli in a certain way, we can try to manipulate the outcome. This is why Public Relations plays a crucial role in the fashion industry as it is a field of work that is driven by consumers needs and desires. By understanding the targeted audience, we can actually control commercial, marketing, and creative outcomes of a specific fashion organization. This piece of writing will explain and analyse the role and importance of public relations and Communication in the Fashion Industry.

In order to truly comprehend the role of PR in the fashion industry it is essential for us to first have a deep understanding of what Public Relations actually means and how it is applied to modern society. As mentioned before, relationships are not automatic or effortless, they have to be planned and sustained. Public Relations is a function that helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understating, acceptance and cooperation between an organisation and its public.” (Harlow, 1976). This is done through different management strategies such as media control, press releases, promotion, and

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