The Role Of Punishment In The United States

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The pilgrims came to this country in hopes of practicing their religion in peace and not persecuted by an abusive government. In the early colonial settlement of the United States the main focus was on rehabilitation. Settling a new land takes a lot of resources along with people to put those resources to use. So they were more concerned with solving the problem an individual might have compared to killing them. Also the communities were small, leading to people knowing almost everyone around them and their opinion about others, it was unlikely they would kill someone everyone else knew they hated leading to you quick capture and punishment. However over time more people meant more conflict and this lead for a need for punishments to stop people from acting as they saw fit and follow the standard society demanded. The first legal execution held legally…show more content…
The first female to be executed in the United States was Jane Champion in 1632 for an unknown crime (American female hangings 1632 to 1937, n.d.). As of 2012, 571 women have faced the death penalty within the United States (Women and the Death Penalty, n.d.). In one of the earliest settlements in America was the Massachusetts Bay Colony the location of the Puritans. At this group's creation they saw twelve crimes as being so heinous as to warrant a death sentence. Some of the crimes listed were man stealing, poisoning, witchcraft, false witness in a capital case, along with the normal charges that one would expect to receive a death sentence for in the 1600’s. With
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