The Role Of Role Identity And The Second Hypothesis Of Life, And Well- Being Among Volunteers

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1. The article is called “Role-Identity Salience, Purpose and Meaning in Life, and Well- Being Among Volunteers”, which is written by Peggy A. Thoits, from Social Psychology Quarterly, published in 2012, volume 75, starting at page 360. In the beginning, Thoits’s main argument is that holding a social role that is important to the person leads to a purposeful and meaningful life, thus improving their mental and physical health. It is later broken down to four hypotheses. The first hypothesis states that the importance of a role identity influences one’s health. The second hypothesis says that one’s purpose and meaning is influenced by the importance of the role identity. The third hypothesis states that one’s mental and physical health …show more content…

This “theory” that she describes is also a perspective in social psychology. The social interactionism perspective stresses the importance of the individual, the role, and socialization. Society is a product of socialization because meanings and norms are shared and agreed upon. In this theory’s case, people give meaning to and rank roles, which can also be negotiated and changed. Society agrees on what a high status role and what a low status role is like. People evaluate themselves based on categorizations and therefore, find their purpose in their identities. 3. The research was conducted at Mended Hearts, and volunteers who were once patients were asked a series of questions that uses the Likert scale. Seventy chapters, which is about 877 volunteers, participated in the experiment. The study is split into two stages. For the first stage, volunteers were asked about their involvement, quality of life, and physical and mental health. For the second stage, volunteers were asked about their reasons for volunteering, the meaning and purpose obtained from volunteering, and types of support they gave to the victims. Because there was only a 52 percent response rate, the results could not accurately represent all the Mended Hearts visitors. The independent variables of this experiment are the volunteers because the “role of a visitor” is constant.

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