The Role Of Simulation For Nursing Education Essay

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Introduction The explosion in the use of simulation has occurred because of Aspect 1: Factors That Have Led to an Increase in Simulation in Nursing Education Appraising factors leading to an increase in the use of simulation for nursing education allows for understanding how to further develop the pedagogy used with simulation. Analyzing what has influenced its rise in use allows for insight and planning for future technology developments. Most of today’s nurses can recall only using low-fidelity mannequins in learning about basic nursing care. One of the most influential factors in utilizing high-fidelity simulation mannequins has been computer and technology development. Computer programming, memory, graphics, internet and robotics developed a pathway to allow for its incorporation into training this generation of nurses. The cost-point of materials and production dropped to an expensive, but reasonable, acquisition of technology for the educational setting. Increased use of high-fidelity resources led to further incorporation and study of outcomes associated with its use. Educators have found that using simulation benefits students with superior learning opportunities through exposure to high-risk scenarios not always accomplished in live clinical settings, an environment to explore patient care errors without causing actual patient harm, and an opportunity for direct observation of student actions and reflection on thinking process (Adamson, 2015). As a proven
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