The Role Of Stacy In The Treasure Of Lemon Brown

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Stacy in Ribbons and Greg in The Treasure of Lemon Brown both learn that you should not judge a book by it's cover. In Ribbons Stacy thinks that her grandma is an angry old woman, but then she learns that her grandma has had a few bumps in the road through life and is actually a nice person inside. Here’s a quote from the story, “She’s so weird,” Stacy says this when her grandmother tries to take her ribbons. When she realizes why her grandma did this she said, “And she mistook my toe-shoe ribbons for her old ones.” “Her old ones,” are the ones used to wrap up her deformed feet. In The Treasure of Lemon Brown Greg meets the old homeless Lemon Brown who seems at first like an angry homeless old man that has no emotions or feelings at all.
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