The Role Of Standardisation Of Human Rights

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In this essay, the writer will illuminate the role of standardisation in facilitating human rights, with particular focus on women’s rights. For a kick up, clear definitions of the key terms, standardisation and human rights will be given. The connection between the two will be further exploited in depth as the write up progresses. According to, human rights are ‘commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being…’ It follows therefore, that women’s rights relate to the freedom and right that women are entitled to simply by virtue of being a …show more content…

Statistics from The Africa Renewal Magazine (2012) revealed that women contribute 70% of Agricultural output on the continent, with particular reference to Malawi, but they do not have as much ownership on the land. This is because land ownership rights in Africa are largely effected by customary law which is rather preventive of the ownership of land by women. It follows that when these women’s husbands pass on, that land is taken by the deceased’s relatives according to customary law and that is a direct antagonism to development as that woman’s output is lost, together with any hope for her financial independence. In addressing the previously mentioned problems, standardisation plays a role in human rights of spelling out the exact requirements that have to be effected for the implementation process. For example, in Niger, the recent changes in the national assembly structure saw a rise in the participation of women as 15% of the seats are now held by women, according to The rights of women indicate the participation of women in politics then the role of the standard is to set the benchmark number of the seats to be held by women. More so, standardisation plays a role in setting out

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