The Role Of Teen Suicide

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I have lost friends and family to suicide and have never gotten a reason why it happened. In this paper I will define suicide, explain suicidal behaviors that are among teenagers and the ways that it can be prevented. Family can play an important role in preventing suicide and they can also play a role of provoking suicide. In order to attain this goal of preventing suicide families should be informed of the signs of suicide and how to prevent it. Teen suicide is a serious problem. According to American Psychological Association, teen suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 15-24. Teen suicide is when a child ends their own life. It can be impulsive or planned out. Suicide attempts doesn't always lead to death it can be their way of calling out for help. When teens who talk or write about killing them selves are automatically being dismissed as overly dramatic and seeking attention. A threat of suicide should never be dismissed or over looked, even from a kid who cries "wolf!" Some teens don't really mean that they're going to attempt suicide, but it's a chance parents shouldn't take lightly. Anyone can struggle with suicide, but it's most common in the teenage years because they find it especially hard and stressful to deal with. In the teenage years there is a lot of things that can affect a teen mood and behavior. With teens their bodies are changing and they're dealing with hormones. Teens have to deal with the pressure from friends, family,

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