The Role Of Television And Its Effect On Our Lives

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The human evolution is characterized by a strong technological development and constant strive to ameliorate and facilitate our daily lives. With the creation of television and making it easily accessible for everybody, it has been positioned in the heart of every home, becoming a vital source of information and a key recreational activity. However, as well as being a main type of entertainment for every home, television is also a silent source of anxiety. Through imbedding itself in our daily lives, television creates a safe, realistic environment that keeps us passive while feeling involved and productive. Provided that the information fed to us by watching television, has been “diffracted” through somebody’s point of view, makes television, a source of media that has the ability to easily manipulate because of the realistic images it presents and its strong presence in people’s lives. In this essay I will discuss the function of television and the ways through which it is tied to anxiety by examining various sources such as articles and essays tackling the subject.
In his work - The Ecstasy of Communication, Jean Baudrillard very elaborately depicts television as a “microscopic pornography of the world”. According to him, television creates a “restricted space” which gives the false feeling of separation from reality and that everything shown is nothing more than a spectacle which envelops the actual reality of the viewers. Due to being exposed to constant monitoring and…
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