The Role Of The American Dream In The 1950's

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The 1950’s, also known as the Atomic Era, was a prosperous time in many different aspects. The American Dream, for many people, became more than just a dream. Appliances such as televisions, fancy refrigerators, and convertible cars that were originally toys for the upper class were now middle class staples. President Eisenhower negotiated the tensest decade of the Cold War, seeing as how American and Soviet forces stockpiled H- bombs in preparation of a nuclear shutdown. Television and music became more and more diverse with the new popularity of Rock and Roll and many loved television sitcoms like I Love Lucy. Fashion was nothing like what we see today and society was very different.
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Eisenhower ran for president in 1952 and adopted the slogan “I Like Ike.” Many Americans shared the feeling, Eisenhower wasn't hard to like. He was an honest man, a former athlete, and read Western Novels. He was one of the most popular presidents of the twentieth century. He was also the first professional soldier, since general Ulysses S. Grant, to become president. Eisenhower ran as a Republican although it was deeply divided between isolationist conservatives and internationalist moderates. Robert Taft also ran for president, he was an isolationist while Eisenhower was an international moderate. Eisenhower won presidency but a lot of people had issues with the way he dealt with things, if he ever dealt with them. The president understood that African Americans were increasingly dissatisfied during the 1950s, but he didn’t appreciate their impatience with Jim Crow. He spent more time playing golf with white Southern businessmen than investigating the grievances of blacks. After a very long time and a lot of persistence from everyone, including the mayor of little rock, the president finally signed into law a mild piece of legislation guaranteeing blacks the right to vote. Significant federal action towards civil rights did not happen until Eisenhower was not a president

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