The Role Of The Patriot Act And The Middle East

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In recent years we have seen drastic changes occur in our country. Since the terrorist attack on the twin towers we have seen many changes take place in everyday situations. Homeland Security was established. There are security checks at airports; a tedious procedure ensuring everyone’s safety at airports and safety during traveling. The minds of American citizens have turned a cold shoulder to Muslims or anyone who bears a turban. Fear, prejudice and intolerance has spread through our country since the 9/11 attacks. Wars spread like wild fire in the Middle East, the United States entered a war on terror. The budget on defense spending has risen immensely and some economists debate that this large spending had some effect on the recent recession America has faced. Citizens also feel the effects of the Patriot Act and other legislation that allow government intrusions, reducing our civil rights and such ideals as “a personal life”. As citizens and even the government blame Muslims for the attack and the Middle East in general. However, what has America or even the West done that has influenced the Middle East? Present news is surrounded, engulfed in issues of the Middle East and how it affects the Western part of the world—nations like the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom. It is pretty obvious when we live it, how much we are influenced by the events of the “Middle East” or what we define as the Middle East. However, what has the West done for the

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