The Role Of Women During The Civil War

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The Roles of Women in the Civil War
Lakiya Saunders
Central High School
November 9, 2015
3rd Period Abstract
Women’s role in the civil war is very important. One point of time in life women did not have any other role but mother and wife. Being able to help out with war, no matter what it was you were doing was a big turning point for women back then. It brought women a little independence, it gave women a name. The Roles of Women in the Civil War
During my research I found several roles women played in the civil war. There were nurses, spies, and even women posing as male soldiers. When the men took off for war most women had to step up to the plate and take their place back home. There were a few very important women who made a name for themselves during the war. While some women just made secret groups to provide war supplies during the war. When the men first left for war in 1861, many women took up their place back home. Some women begin working in factories, and some become clerks or school teacher to feed and clothe their families. These new jobs characterized their traditional roles as mothers and house wives. This made them an important part of the war effort. Many women dealt with the war in their own ways. Several women who had a family member in the war had a more particular war effort in the war. Single women openly announced that they would date or espouse only those who offered to serve. Various younger women, often the age of 30 and widowed
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