The Role Of Women In Ancient Mesopotamian And Egyptian Civilizations

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“Wo” is female and the “man” is male, indicating how women are made for men. She is physiologically, psychologically and biologically different from a man. Women in ancient civilizations were more dependent on men than they are today. For example, in ancient Greece, women were not considered as people by law and were not allowed to take part in the legal processes until they were represented by any of their male relative. However, in our modern day, women represent themselves without the need of a man, due to the women’s rights code. Yet after all these years, ancient civilizations seem to have profounding influence on modern-day societies. For instance, women in ancient Mesopotamian civilization were trained by their mothers to be a traditional wife, mother and housekeeper. Similarly, in the present-day Bangladesh, mothers train their daughters to be a better companion to their husbands and endure and do what they ask of them. Since my topic is about the role of women in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations, the research question I have derived is, “How does the role of women in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations have an effect on the present treatment of women in Canadian and Bangladeshi societies?” The reason why I am investigating is because firstly, I am a woman, belonging to the middle class. Secondly, I was born and raised in Bangladesh and grew up in a society where women are treated similarly to the women in ancient Mesopotamian

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