The Role Of Women In The Colonial Era

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The role of women in each era saw a change in society from the colonial era to the Civil War era. The role that women held in politics and economics were few, but the change in how society viewed them changed and pushed women’s freedoms and rights further into the new centuries. During the colonial era, white women saw little change in how they were viewed in society. The only thing that society saw the colonial women doing was to “devote their lives to being good wives and mothers” (GML 126). Women had no voice in their households, men were the leaders of the home, and women took care of the children and the house. In politics, colonial women had no say, they were considered under control of their husbands, thus giving them no right to be involved in political matters. When the Townshend Act was put in place, many women sewed at home to save on having to buy new clothes. Because of this very small “rebellion” against this act, The Daughters of Liberty was founded, it was comprised of “women that wove and spun at home” (GML 184). Compared to the colonial women, Native American women had a much greater involvement in society. The Native American women, like colonial women, were mostly in charge of the household. Along with taking care of the household, the women were working in the field. This was not taken well by the Europeans, many of the white men thought that Native men were weak, because the women worked. Unlike the non-existent role that colonial women had in

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