The Role Of Women In The Dark Ages

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The catastrophic collapse of the Roman Empire plunged Europe into darkness, amongst the chaos, progress was hindered and a time known as the Dark Ages emerged. From the shadows of destruction rose the Kingdom of England, prosperous in it’s own right, but ultimately weakened by the turmoil of medieval times.Famine and plague ran rapidly through all of Europe, aided by climate deterioration and chronic malnourishment. No sword compared to the unforgiving blade of The Black Death, a plague more ferocious than any disease known to man. Anglo-Saxon invasions and mighty Viking raids covered England in thick crimson, but through suffering the eras vibrancy and complexity came to surface. Hidden underneath the connotation of the word “Dark”, lies defining social ideals of the Dark Ages that approached the different aspects of life in a way never done before. Though inaccurately named the Dark Ages, the roles of women, the prominence of religion, feudalism, medieval art and the legend of King Arthur, all stand as great examples of progressive thinking at the time.

The grey skies of a society completely dominated by men, left equality a fleeting vision for women in the Dark Ages. That being said, women were subservient objects simply used for the benefit of men,with roles and position defined by the morality and social expectations of the church. The biblical depiction of Eve convinced the people that women were inherently weaker and inferior to men. This became the basis for all

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