The Role Of Women Throughout Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet '

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The Role of Women in Hamlet
In today’s society, women have many rights and freedom to make their own decisions and have their own say towards their own issues and role. However, years ago it was considered normal for women to be oppressed and how no choices but obey men in their lives. The roles of women in Hamlet by Shakespeare are simply weak since they are dependent on the male models in their lives, allow them to make their decisions and they do not have strong voices within the play’s society. This is shown through the characters of Gertrude and Ophelia who are oppressed and mistreated by the males in the play.
To begin with, the character of Ophelia is an obedient daughter who follows and easily led by the men she loves. She looks up to her father for guidance while she seeks love and affection from Hamlet. Polonius controls his daughter’s opinions and wants since he says, “You do not understand yourself so clearly as it behooves my daughter and your honour. What is between you? Give me up the truth” (1.3.96-98). This is important because Polonius tells Ophelia that she does not understand both herself and her female sense of honor. He expects the worst from Ophelia and controls his daughter 's self image and sense of honor, because of this she cannot be herself and she can only see herself by the way her father views her. Additionally, Polonius also mistreats and guides Ophelia to her downfall since he tells her, “Marry, I’ll teach you. Think yourself a baby that you

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