The Role of Women in America Around 1945

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The Role of Women in America Around 1945 A Streetcar named Desire written by Tennessee William, show the reality of 1945, where women had a lower status than men thus implying a lower importance. There was a clear inequality between genders, perhaps as a function of the war and the need for everything to be “normal” again. Both the book A Streetcar named Desire, and the general society of 1945, show the same ideals of how a woman should be in order to fit into society. This is particularly the case with the film, where the American ideal has been streamlined. Tennessee Williams portrays contemporary women at the time when he wrote A Streetcar named Desire, 1945. Women in general were considered less worthy and they did not have a…show more content…
Stella: “Drunk – drunk – animal thing you! (She backs out of sight. He advance and disappears. There is the sound of a blow. Stella cries out) (Williams, p. 35)” These four quotes show Stanley’s power over women, both Blanche and Stella are affected by his actions. Stanley is Stella’s husband and she listens to him and follows his intentions. Blanche can not do anything for the situation, because Stella believes in her husband and believes that Blanche is not telling the truth over what Stanley is telling her. Stella: “I said I am not in any thing that I have a desire to get out of. Look at themes in this room! And those empty bottles! They went through two cases last night! He promised this morning that he was going to quit having these poker parties, but you know how long such a promise is going to keep. Oh, well, it’s his pleasure, like mine is movies and bridge. People have got to tolerate each other’s habits, I guess.” (Williams, p. 42) Blanche: Stop it. Let go of that broom. I won’t have you cleaning up for him! Stella: Then who’s going to do it? Are you? Blanche: I? I! Stella: No, I didn’t think so (Williams, p. 43) Stanley: That’s how I’ll clear the table! (He seizes her arm). Don’t ever talk that way to me! Pig – Polack – disgusting – vulgar – greasy! – them kind of words have been on your tongue and your sister’s too much around here! What do you two think you are? A pair of queens? Remember what Huey Long said – Every Man is a King! And I am the
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