The Roles Of Pakistan's Gender Inequality In Pakistan

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Gender inequality is denial of rights to someone based on gender it viewed as problem around the globe but in Pakistan it viewed as western sponsored concept which threats to religious and cultural values “Pakistan’s gender apartheid can be seen through the lens of the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index 2013, where we sit pretty at the 135th spot — second from bottom. With the level of physical and sexual violence, forced marriages, karo kari (honour killings) and structural discrimination faced by Pakistani women redefining their respective nadirs on an annual basis, one actually wonders what Yemen does to its women to take the honorable bottom slot away from us. With the jirga (tribal courts) system, which sanctions honor killings and female persecution, discounted as a ‘cultural’ and ‘tribal’ matter, gender apartheid in Pakistan should continue to flourish” .
Depriving omen from property rights, political participation, Education, Marriage by choice and deliberate murders in name of honor constitutes Larkana as gender apartheid district.
There are numerous example of women who set themselves as role models of women empowerment When it comes Larkana few renowned names like Benazeer Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto, Mehtab Rashdi and others comes in mind that creates illusive perception of Larkana where women are empowered and enjoy their due rights but it is a bitter reality these women come from feudal of political elites families, socialist perspective of feminism well

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