Social Issues In I Am Malala

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Malala Yousafzai is the youngest person to have ever won the Nobel Peace Prize, one of only 16 women to have won the prize, and the only woman from Pakistan to have won the prize. Malala won that prize for standing up for the social issues of Pakistan and almost getting killed for standing up for what’s right. There are several issues going on in Pakistan but more specifically in the valley of Swat. The social issues going on in Pakistan are gender discrimination, education rights, and extremism. Gender discrimination is a very big issue in Pakistan, more specifically Malala’s village of Swat, as shown through the book I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. For example, Rohul Amin, Malala’s grandfather, showed discrimination to his own daughters! The discrimination was shown on page 29 when Malala states, “School wasn’t the only thing my aunts missed out on. In the morning when my father was given a bowl of cream with his tea, his sisters were given only tea. If there were eggs, they would only be for the boys. When a chicken was slaughtered for dinner, the girls would get the wings and the neck while the luscious breast meat was enjoyed by my father, his brother and my grandfather” (Yousafzai 29), Amin has his own daughters grow up knowing that they’re seen as lesser than which is crazy on so many levels. Therefore, gender discrimination is a social issue and shown through Rohul Amin’s treatment of his daughters. In addition, the murder of a dancer and singer, Shabana, was
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