The Roman And Roman Civilization

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The Roman civilization isn’t a vague memory from the past, but is instead still present everywhere you look in Western civilization. It isn’t easy to ignore or miss the greatness that once was and still is from this grand empire. The Roman culture’s greatness was based off the imitation, but vastly improved ideas of nearby cultures for its own purpose. The majority of the concepts or ideas in Rome came from their association with the Etruscan, Egyptian and Greek civilizations. Yet, the Roman culture’s presence is strong enough to be seen or felt in every wall, street and structure to this day. First and foremost, the Roman Empire conquered millions of square miles, quickly advancing their customs across the region. One of the many advancements being the alphabet, which had been taught to them by the Greeks. The Roman’s enhanced this alphabet, thus creating the language called Latin. Latin became the foundation to various languages across the world to this very day. For example, the romance languages from Spain, Portugal and France all originate back to Latin. The alphabet was needed to send letters and proceed in governmental operations across the empire. Following this, the Roman’s government itself was one of the first recorded governments of Republic, due to their hatred of Etruscan kings and rulers. The republic was overseen by the Senate, also known as the “council of kings.” It consisted of two chief magistrates called consuls and could veto one another’s decisions.
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