The Roman Empire And The Byzantine Empire

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After reading the text book about the Roman Empire. I found that the Roman Empire was divided into two parts. The Western half, ruled by Rome, fell to the tribal Germanic peoples in the 5th century. The Eastern half, known as the Byzantine Empire, until it began to decline in power, the Byzantine Empire was one of the leading civilizations in the world. The first Christian emperor became sole ruler of the Roman Empire. He set up his colony of Byzantium. The city, renamed Constantinople after its founder, It became the capital of the Byzantines after the Roman Empire was formally divided. The eastern is differed from the western in many aspects. During the Hellenistic civilization, some elements dating back to the conquests of Alexander the Great, showing more urban, and richer than the West, and its emperors, who in the Hellenistic tradition combined political and religious functions, had firmer control over all classes of society. They also were more skillful in defending off invaders, through warfare and diplomacy. With the Byzantine emperors, who still considered themselves Romans, and support the dream of control the barbarian kingdoms of the West and join up the empire. The greatest of these emperors was Justinian who prepared for the conquest by defeating the Persians on the eastern frontier and divided the Roman Catholic church. The weakened of his empire, preoccupied with internal problems, grew less and less concerned with the West. Although its rulers continued
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