The Round House By Louise Erdrich

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“America 's one of the finest countries anyone ever stole” is a quote from Bobcat Goldthwait. He is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter that refers to Christopher Columbus as the thief. Following in the European settlers footsteps, Americans had no respect for the Indians’ homes or the people themselves. Similar to Columbus and his successors, the United States government has taken Native Americans’ land. The unfairness of this injustice led to the erosion of Indians’ rights, which has ultimately threatened their safety, especially women’s. In Louise Erdrich’s novel, The Round House, she indicates that understanding the lack of safety Native women face is vital in maintaining a civil community. Louise Erdrich reveals that physical and psychological safeties are essential aspects of society. Through her book, Erdrich expresses that safety should be a common law amongst society, no matter how difficult it may be to protect.
When Joe and his father dedicate themselves to find the attacker to defend Geraldine, Erdrich affiliates their efforts with replacing the legal system. Joe and his father can no longer depend on anyone, even the tribal government. Therefore, Joe and his father decide to research past cases in order to find the “identity of the man whose act had nearly severed [her] spirit from her body” (Erdrich 45). In their attempts to capture Linden Lark, the Coutts family discovers that they could not prosecute him due to the complicated terrain of…
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