Should The NHS Dispute

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The National Health Service (NHS) Dispute

Over the last few years the Government and the NHS's Junior Doctors' have been involved in negotiations over an introduction of new contracts for Junior Doctors and Consultants. These negotiations have been going on and off for long enough it has a lot of people wondering whether there are other underlying reasons for the government's need for contract changes, as well as reasons why the BMA is fighting so hard.

This report will examine and criticise three sources discussing the NHS dispute in relation to employment relations. Looking at the different opinions presented in the articles, from the BMA, The Health Secretary Jeremey Hunt and an article in the Guardian titled `The Observer …show more content…

I will also look at the government's point of view; examine the reasons for enforcing the new contracts, why now?

The Guardian, as well as many other news agents have speculated on these issues for years however a recent article in the guardian provides a look into the situation that coincides with what the public think about it. This dispute has not only become stressful for the doctors who to date anticipate further delays in negotiations due to unsatisfactory condition being placed on the contracts, but also the public whose health and safety depends on doctors being satisfied in their jobs, something that is highly at risk due to these delays in negotiations.

The recent NHS dispute started when the government came up with a plan to change the contracts for junior doctors’ and consultants in 2013. Junior doctors’ leaders protested this change which the government insists is necessary describing the current contracts as possibly being obsolete. The government finds these arrangements “unfair” arguing that the contracts were introduced in the 1990s. (Triggle, 2016).

The …show more content…

The Department of Health ensures healthcare organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS) in England are able to provide the nation with all the care, treatment and support they require to live comfortably. The government’s aim to modernise the junior doctors’ contract helps them in ensuring British healthcare remains at its best. The negotiations between the Department of Health, NHS Employers and the BMA are way of ensuring healthcare in England evolves guaranteeing the safety of both doctors and patients.

An article on the page containing the Department of Health’s publication of a firm contract offer in November 2015 outlined some of the of the Government’s commitment to ensuring these negotiations have an outcome that will benefit both sides. The contract outlines how it is fairer and safer for doctors and patients, as well as supports the government’s guarantees on working hours, pay and patient

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