The Royals - Original Writing

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It was a cool morning; a harsh breeze rushed through his window, which was slightly ajar. He felt the breeze, shivering; he decided to check his clock. It was seven o ' five, time to get ready for school, but he didn 't care. Andy was a Royal now; The Royals were one of the biggest gangs in the city besides the Guardians.
He felt a sense of pride when imagining himself in his signature purple jacket, embellished with The Royals emblem. I 'm not a boy without a sense of belonging anymore, now I have a title, a purpose; Andy thought to himself. He fell back to sleep. When he woke up, he stared at the ceiling for a while, thinking of Laura, thinking of her brown eyes.
His alarm went off distracting him from his reverie. With an exasperated sigh, he got up to get ready. Andy glanced in his mirror for a few quick seconds, noticing his small tired eyes and his hair sticking out in odd places; quickly, he ran a comb through his bushy hair and picked up an old T-shirt and some jeans from off of the floor. In a few swift movements, he dressed himself and headed for the closet.
Andy got to the closet and grabbed his purple jacket, after putting it on, he walked out the front door. He grabbed the last cigarette from the pack in his pocket and lit it. He walked across the hard pavement; passing by a small park. He noticed a smiling man and a little boy who he presumed to be the man 's son on a swing set.
"I love you pa," the boy said.
The man laughed, a huge smile on his face; it
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