The Rush Boy Afraid Of The Dark Short Story

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Buzzing townspeople littered the streets, emitting an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. Basil leaves that atmosphere behind, weaving through the dim alleyways, each turn further distancing him from the noise. Soon the cobble path turned into gravel, each step making a crunch that bounced and echoed on the decaying walls. A cool breeze from behind him pulled at his gray cloak, entering the dark abyss of the warehouse entrance before him. He steels himself— shoulders lowered, chin up, and back straight— and enters the shadowed entrance. “I’m here for the order,” Basil’s voice echoes. He clenches his jaw as the echoes reflect the tense anxiousness of his voice. No weakness. He can’t show any weakness while on the job. To supplement …show more content…

He felt that if he answered, he’d be swallowed up in the dark, not that he had any useful information to give. The whole kingdom knew everything from her tutors, to her hobbies, and even her childhood mischiefs. But strangely enough, no one knew her appearance. The most troubling discrepancy, one that average citizens may shrug at, but politicians grow crazed from, are her political ambitions. All they knew was the tagline on the posters advertising her arrival, “Peace all throughout.” “Don’t know, don’t care,” Basil said. “Just take the damn order and pay up.” The man clicked his tongue and sauntered to a room in the back. Feeling awkward, Basil walked around the open warehouse. He eyed the stacks of crates warily, curious about the contents. A dimly lit hallway extended before him, but snooping around any further could arouse suspicion. Basil turned around to return to his original spot, but not before a languid voice poured out from one of the rooms down the hallway. “— under the bridge, grab the country princess and kill her. The gunpowder we ordered is gonna be your distraction. Boom.” Instinctively, Basil grasped the pouch he was sent to deliver. Within it, a small container held the “gray gold” coveted by every nation’s military: gunpowder. It’s primary use are for guns now, but it’s more well known for explosive. As Basil connected the dots in his head, he nearly

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