The Rush Of Highway Traffic Noise

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Today – morning, sometime

Somewhere, far away, a car alarm is going off. The Weee-eee weee-eeee makes my skull flash bright hot white as a cool breeze brushes over me. A groan passes from my lips. On my side, I curl into a fetal position, willing the sound away. I 'm about ready to slam my fist down on my alarm clock when I realize I 'm not in my bed. A metal surface of rivulets crunch beneath me.

Rolling over onto my back, I open my eyes, staring up at the sky.

The sky.

Not a white crack-lined ceiling. The gustery bleary sky of a Tulsa December. Stunned, I sit up, fast, and the blood rushes to my face. Moaning, I cover my face and then look up again. I 'm in the bed of an unfamiliar pick-up truck, parked in the middle of a field of dead grass and wheat. A grove of trees line the perimeter of the field, the rush of highway traffic sounds off in the distance. "Oh god." I press a hand to my head. Look again.

"Oh god." My shoes are gone. Brown – what used to be white – socks stare back at me. I wriggle my toes, making the scenario even more real. There 's a yellow notepad on my right side, a pen on my left. A bag of skittles and five poker chips near my waist. Birds caw in the distance.

I think back to last night, my mind racing to recall. I was at the house…borrowed the truck…. That 's about as far as I get as my heart sinks. "Oh, glory…" My voice is loud in the still morning air, the noise making my head hurt again. The truck. More importantly, Darry 's truck.

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