The Russian Revolution And Its Effects On England

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Introduction “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This quote by Lord Acton is telling us that with power comes great influence. If you let your influence overtake you, it will lead to corruption. If your influence and power grow too strong, it will lead to absolute corruption. This theme of power and corruption is very prominent in the novel Animal Farm. This quote by Lord Acton helps us to gain better insight into this theme. This essay will first provide historical context on the Russian Revolution and its effects on England. This essay will then provide a brief summary of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Finally, this essay will analyze the themes of control and equality in Animal Farm in order to support the idea that Animal Farm allegorically represents the Russian Revolution. It will also describe and explain how the Russian Revolution made people exhibit a loss of control because of the people who were in charge along with their loss of faith in their leadership skills, just like the animals in Animal Farm. In Animal Farm, the animals are stripped of their basic rights by their own personal Joseph Stalin, Napoleon the pig. They also experience a loss of control when a dictator takes over their farm and they are taught to be submissive to the dictator. They establish their own social classes and live like those in a Russian socialist community, where everyone is supposedly said to be equal but in actuality, is not. Historical and Cultural
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