The Säuberung Baptism: The Reasoning Behind Nazi Book Burning

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The removal of free intellectualism and the integration of the “Pure German Spirit” way of thinking were achieved though the burning of all text deemed “un-German”. But what makes a text un-German? Simply anything that questioned, threatened, or was simply different then what the Führer and the Reich believed in. The burning of thousands of books was caused by the "Action against the Un-German Spirit", by the will of the German student association. The horrid event took place during the Wartburg festival in 1933. (Evans, 2005, p. 327) Hitler’s infamous hatred for the Jews is no secret. He hated everything about them. He even went as far as crushing Jewish intellectualism and purging the German public by eradicating all traces and …show more content…

145) What better way of securing internal future thought but by having students brainwash students?
It is May 10, 1933. Several trucks carrying pillaged and unwanted books arrived at Opera Square, Berlin. Berlins Opera Square was the location where thousands of students, civilians, and SS officers gathered to take part in the infamous “book burning”. The book burning on May 10th was the largest gathering and the most organized. Around 25,000 volumes of books that were accused of being “un-German” were set ablaze. Soon the entire crowd was throwing in unwanted books and insignias or anything that went against the German spirit. By the students’ request, Joseph Goebbels also attended the event. He is famous for his public speaking and propaganda for all of Germany. (Mosse & Jones, n.d.) This is just a small segment of his speech during the event.
"Therefore, you are doing the right thing as you, at this midnight hour, surrender to the flames the evil spirit of the past. There the intellectual basis of the November Republic is crushed to the ground. But from the rubble will arise victoriously the Phoenix of a new spirit, a spirit that we carry forth, that we nourish and to which we give decisive

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