The Holocaust : The Nazi Attempt

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Hannah Boggs
English 8 Block 3
Mrs. Guidry
8 February 2017
The Holocaust The Holocaust was the Nazi attempt to wipe out the Jewish race (Rossel 12). The Holocaust took place from 1933 to 1945 (Rossel 12). The Holocaust took place in Europe, mainly Germany (“Introduction” par 3). Mainly Jewish and Nazi people were involved in the Holocaust, as well as some Gypsies (“Introduction” par 2, 3). The Holocaust was the persecution of 6 million Jews and millions of others forced to live in ghettos, deported to camps, and systematically annihilated until the Allied forces liberated the remaining survivors. The Jews were moved into the ghettos to be isolated from everyone else and be rounded up into an all Jewish group (Altman …show more content…

What happened to the others, to the women, to the children and to the older men, we could establish neither then nor later. . . . Today, however, we know that . . . Of our convoy no more than ninety-six men and twenty-nine women entered the respective camps of Monowitz-Buna and Birkenau, and that of all the others, more than five hundred in number, not one was living two days later.“ (Blohm 52). The Soviet Union, U.S, and Britain liberated the Jews (“Liberation of Nazi Camps” par. 2, 5, 6). The liberation of Jewish people took place around the 1940s (“Liberation of Nazi Camps” par 2, 3, 5). The conditions that were found during the liberations were piles of dead bodies lay around the place and the surviving people looked like skeletons (“Liberation of Nazi Camps” par 7). A Survivor of the Holocaust named Anka Fisher had said this about liberation “The British soldiers arrived [at Bergen-Belsen]. They tried to resuscitate people from the 2-story high mountains of dead. I showed a sign of life. I woke up from the coma and found myself in an English hospital.“ (Allen 31). The Holocaust impacted the world by showing everyone what bias actions can lead to and how awful it can be. The Holocaust was one religion’s hate towards another that got out of control, In order to prevent something like the Holocaust from happening again we must continue to teach the world about the

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