The Sad Nature of the Conflict between Israel and Palestine Essay

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Before hearing this lecture, I’d never heard of the Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East or thought much about the Palestinian people. This lecture helped me understand the truly sad nature of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.
You began the lecture by showing a video about the Aida refugee camp, which is one of many camps the in which the Israelis placed the Palestinians once Israel became a country after WWII. Then you spoke of your experiences living and working there. Telling stories of Israelis shooting children, throwing tear gas at silent protestors, and being cruel at checkpoints, you talked about the people who live in that camp. You discussed how the Israelis wish to eliminate the Palestinians and how they …show more content…

should support this. It seems obvious that, though Israel may have once been God’s chosen people, Jesus has come, making what was once “holy war” unnecessary.
As I listened to the lecture, the Aida refugee camp kept reminding me of the Native American reservations in the U.S. Just like the Palestinians, Native Americans were suppressed because they were in the way; they were hidden to be forgotten. Unlike how the Israelites shoot at the Palestinians, however, we don’t generally shoot at people on reservations anymore. Yet, America in general wants to forget about these people. Seeing the cute children from the Aida camp and hearing your stories about their excitement for the activities reminded me of the children from the Winnebago, Nebraska reservation where I know many kids. People from my church go twice a year to continue relationships and do VBS with kids there. We’ve brought a few back to Michigan over the years to participate in a trip with our own middle schoolers. I’ve loved being a part of that ministry. The Aida center seems very similar. I find it sad that the kids in the Aida camp must live in the constant fear of not having enough water and of even being killed. At least for Native Americans they mostly just live in fear of their own families and the general hopelessness that the res brings. Though reservations have more freedom and amenities than the refugee camp, living on them isn’t easy either. In a lot

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