The Safest Sprint Starting Position For American Football Players Essay

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In “What is the Safest Sprint Starting Position for American Football Players?” a research article from Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, authors Bruno Bonnechere, Benoit Beyer, Marcel Rooze, and Jan Serge Van Sint, argue that out of the three sprint start positions in football (2-, 3-, and 4-point), the 2-point stance is the least dangerous. To prove this, a study was conducted on these positions and compared each to the safety levels in relation to American football. The results justify that the 2-point stance is safer than the 3-point or 4-point positions. Bonnechere et al. supports their claims by conducting a biomechanical analysis on twenty five males, all young and fit, and recording measurements in different areas (Bonnechere et al., 2014). However, the study exemplified field-of-view (FOV) and kinetic energy, and their relation to sprint starting positions and safety. Field-of-view is “[a] ratio between the height of the head and Verticality [,]” (Bonnechere et al., 2014). An increase in FOV will lower the injury risk, because players are more alert of their environment. Ergo, they can avoid injury. According to the averages of each stance and the categories, initial position and motion, “[t]he FOV is increased when adopting a 2-point starting position because the trunk is more vertical,” (Bonnechere et al., 2014). Simply, when the angle between the body’s trunk and head is approximately straight, the FOV is high. Besides field-of view, the study analyzed

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