Event Center Risk Management Essay

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In the event of an emergency occurring in the general area of an event center, there needs to be a detailed plan to address the safety of the survivors and the rescuers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the risk manager and the event center management team to be prepared in the case of possible emergencies. The following timeline will lay out the plan to address a car bomb exploding in front of a local event center: Step 1: Alert the emergency officials of the car bomb incident that has occurred outside the event center. Step 2: Begin to clear the general area of any patrons, staff members, and the general public that is not required to be in the area. It is vital to remove the unnecessary people, so the professional can perform their duties “First responders are trained to approach dangerous situations to save lives and avoid becoming additional victims” (Hall, 2013, para.8). Step 3: Lockdown the event center, so the patrons that made it into the venue will be in a secure area and not added to the potential victims by exiting into the area where the bomb was just deployed.
Step 4: Perform the inventory stage, which includes searching for survivors because locating the victims that need medical attention will be vital in assisting the first responders determine the victims that have the most pressing injuries (Disaster Psychology, 2016, para.8). In addition, the risk management team should be attempting to determine whether there are any additional threats to

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