The Safety Regulations Of The Automobile Industry

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Now days the automobile industry has to stick to a large list of government regulations. While some of them may just be focus on the driver comfort and an avoiding unnecessary distractions. The government also has safety regulations which has to be strictly impose on every vehicle. Within these safety regulations there is The Clean Air Act; an act to improve, strengthens, and accelerates programs for the prevention and abatement of air pollution. But we always had criminals breaking the rules of society. VW (Volkswagen) committed fraud by having their software engineers programing the onboard engine management module (ECM) in order to obtain higher profits. Of course they did not care about the consequences neither the harm they will be…show more content…
Aristotle made clear that all humans seek to flourish. Well, Volkswagen, as a corporation, was trying to flourish once more but not by good means. Also Aristotle pronounced that “man is a rational creature who lives in poleis” and what make society are rules, rational rules. Is these are violated there is going to be a possibility of encountering a highly corrupted society. Aristotle thinks we should be upset if people do well undeservedly. This engineers fooled government authorities and the public for more than five years. And this case is an indignant outcome of how low big corporation can behave. The Aristotelian ethics seeks Eudaimonia or what is call happiness. This is the goal of every human being. The executives, who elaborated this fraud, mandate to have bigger profits because they want to be happier or perhaps they just are vicious men. The software engineer’s, that decide to obey, want to keep their jobs in order to be happy. Also they thought that the public will be happier with their new revolutionary product. It is good to know that criminal behavior is a sign that the resource is lacking. Aristotle did raise a set of ethical questions that are directly relevant to corporate leaders who wish to behave in ethical ways, even when Aristotle didn’t know anything about
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