Vehicle Safety Essay

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In the recent years, the United States government has been enforcing stricter mandates on auto manufacturers to create safer vehicles, and on construction companies to create safer roadways. Matthew Jensen wrote a dissertation for the Graduate School of Clemson University titled, A Methodology for the Analysis of In-vehicle Operating Data and Design of Intelligent Vehicle Systems for Improved Automotive Safety. In his abstract, Jensen evaluated the future of vehicle manufacturing and traffic-related incidents. Of course, every year more vehicles are manufactured, which in theory means the number of miles driven in vehicles increases. He points out how the World Health Organization (WHO) found that automobile crashes was the ninth …show more content…

Generally speaking the items taken into account as vehicle speed, RPM, and throttle position as well as many other parameters. More recently developers to begin using accelerometer and global positional systems (GPS) to provide feedback to the driver (Jensen). Yet another critical component of safe driving is the human-vehicle interface (HVI), very similar to the human computer interface/ interaction (HCI). HVI is used to produce sounds, visual aids, and other forms of feedback such as the haptic steering wheel to alert the vehicle operator of the roadway conditions (traffic, construction environment, pedestrians). Since automobiles are operated by single individuals, the primary means of receiving feedback are visual. Since the introduction of HVI “the cost for real-time control systems decreases” and the new safety features provide information that hopes to improve decision-making response time (Jensen).

The article describes three formats of in-vehicle feedback; visual, haptic, and audio. Each of the three formats to be broke down into various systems and functions. Very similar to a database containing tables, rows, and attributes. In the visual table, there are four rows one of which is the dashboard. The dashboard contains several aids including gauges, on-board diagnostics, GPS, and lamps. The haptic table contains the break/ throttle row, were pedal pulsation will notify the operator of activated antilock-brakes or traction control. Jensen

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