The Scarlet Letter Notable Vocabulary

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The Scarlet Letter Notable Vocabulary: 1. physiognomies (pg 34): judgment from appearance eg: “Amongst any other population, or at a later period in the history of New England, the grim rigidity that petrified the bearded physiognomies of these good people would have augured some awful business in hand.” 2. phantasmagoric (pg 40) : a confusing or strange scene, like a magical dream eg: “Possibly, it was an instinctive device of her spirit, to relieve itself, by the exhibition of these phantasmagoric forms, from the cruel weight and hardness of the reality.” 3. sojourn (pg 49) : to stay somewhere temporarily eg: “My old studies in alchemy,” observed he, “and my sojourn, for above a year past, among a people well versed in the kindly properties of simples, have made a better physician of me than many that claim the medical degree.” 4. progenitors (pg 56) :a director ancestor who is the start of a line eg: “Yet the taste of the age, demanding whatever was elaborate in compositions of this kind, did not fail to extend its influence over our stern progenitors, who had cast behind them so many fashions which it might seem harder to dispense with.” 5. imp (pg 67) : a magical being similar to a fairy or goblin eg: “But, while she said it, Pearl laughed and began to dance up and down, with the humorsome gesticulation of a little imp, whose next freak might be to fly up the chimney.” 6. panoply (pg 72): an impressive collection of things eg: “This bright panoply was not meant for

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