The Scarlet Letter Realism And Naturalism

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The Change of Romanticism to Realism and Naturalism Realism and Naturalism are basically the same thing they both have the view of the nature, and this styles of writing do not present God as a good guy. This forms of literature developed around the 1860’s and that was after the Civil War,which had a great negative effect in the entire country. That was when poets, and writers started to realized that life wasn’t fair to anyone; that's what the Romantic writers fail to see that life wasn’t fair. Romanticism made nature look like if it was a good place to be, and naturalist prove that fact wrong for example: the writer Jack London Proves that nature is not just about finding cute animals in the forest but it is about the dark side of the forest, nature is cruel to man, and man will die if he is not well prepared. There is a romantic writer named Nathaniel Hawthorne author of The Scarlet Letter. The book tells a story of a priest who have had a baby with a beautiful woman and throughout the period of seven years there is conflict with the antagonist name Roger Chillingworth, and ugly looking man who was married to one of …show more content…

The character was not prepared for the nature of cold and he underestimated it, by doing so his life was taken from him but this character had a companion. The companion was a dog and he knew that walking outside in snow piercing was not a smart idea and the dog knew this from years of instinct passed down through his blood line. the man suffer because nature decided not to take it easy, Nature torture the life out of the character for the story To Build a Fire. The difference between the two stories To Build a Fire and The scarlet letter was the realism shows the true color of reality and romanticism tells a story of fantasy, a story that a person wants to hear because hearing the truth hurts and no one wants to hear the

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