The Science Of The Signs

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The Science of the Signs Western society has many philosophical forms. We have falsificationism, realism, and surrealism. One popular philosophy is positivism. Positivism is the strict relationship between theories and observation. With the help of Science and technology studies, it helped challenged the philosophy of positivism for the better. Actor Network Theory helps pushed positivism. Actors whom like the strict relation between their theories and observation. Being able to understand and live with their work. In positivism, observation and case studies are all great tools to show one’s hypothesis. Positivism has greatly been challenged for the better due to science and technology studies.
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They believed that scientific theories are manipulated by the data collected and their observations. (pg. 2)
With Science and technology study, positivism was challenged and it has benefited from it. One paradigms, Actor Network Theory, has helped spread the positivism. Actor Network Theory was developed Michel Callon, Bruno Latour, and John Law. (pg. 81) It was created to understand social aspects of science and technology. Actor Network Theory deals with human and non-human entities. Both entities form an association, combining with other actors to form a strong network. These actors form a connection to push their agenda. This could be making a new scientific discovery, or it could be stopping a company’s product production. These actors work together for their cause. It would not be a network if every member entertains their own plan.
In positivism, there are actors that push for this movement. The actors are the philosophers and scientist. The narrative was to bring together the worlds findings. Bring everything that was learning to grow more. Working together with the world, rather than separating the different factions. They pushed to create a popular movement. People like the notion of sharing information amongst all walks of life. Falsification also shared information, but it was limited. Chemist and biologist would share their information, but would not work with a philosopher. Another group is the

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