The Scramble for Africa

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What was the Scramble for Africa? The Scramble for Africa was a period of time where major European countries fought over and colonized land in Africa, stretching from South Africa to Egypt. The scramble for Africa began shortly after the slave trade, and ended at WW1, and is a strong representation of the ‘New Imperialism’. The first country to act was Belgium, who colonized Congo at 1885, but soon, other countries such as Portugal and Great Britain joined in in order to not miss out. Firstly, the European could not colonize Africa easily, due to Africa’s giant land mass and the diseases that spread throughout the land. But then, came the Steam train, Maxim guns and new cures for diseases that paved the way for the Europeans to control…show more content…
African kings were also ‘uncivilized’ and barbaric and most of them were a long time before their age, with the exception of some, most famously Shaka, the king of the Zulus in pre-scramble Africa. And on top of all that, there were some mercenaries fighting for the Europeans. The Africans fought each other: African warlords were actually fighting each other during the scramble for Africa, while the treaty of Berlin kept the European countries from doing the same, even though they had a scandal over Ethiopia, and thus resulting in a double war for many of the Africans, which had made the war much harder than it should have been for them. Europeans had obviously better technology: One of the most obvious and dominant factors of how did European countries colonize Africa was the fact that they had much better weapons and technology to fight with, such as the invention of the steam train, steam boat and the Maxim gun, while the African tribes were using sticks, swords and spears Europeans were using nearly 2000 years ago as Greek warriors. Apart from weapons, Europeans also had the more advance medical technology used to heal wounded soldiers or the sick. How has this affected Africa and the world? Change in Geographical Order: For many years, African tribes ruled Africa with their own borders of the empire. Until the Europeans came along, the tribes ruled their empires’ land as they pleased, with no third

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