The Sea Kingdom As A Fairy Tale

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The elder wolf was shocked the thing she found was a map to a lost kingdom in the sea she rushed over to his son and showed him the map theo was shocked and so were his friends they thought the lost city in the sea was a fairy tale but it was real and hopefully the ocean gem was real to because the ocean gem can control all of the seas they were excited to go the the sea kingdom so theo asked gina and barry that they can go with but they refused they had to go home they are the future king and queen of their lands so theo,tiny,and lilly followed the map and came to the savanna lands there were animals they had never seen to snakes,giraffes, porcupines, lions, hippos and rhinos and cheetahs but the animals seemed mad as they were chanting …show more content…

Well that's how it always tastes but we scrape of the outer layer of the seaweed and store it for later. The second layer is the edible part so try it again lilly tried it again and it had a good tasted to it and then she ate the rest of it and said it tastes like salted lettuce okay we are getting off track now let's head to the castle now said Theo as they headed off to the castle and

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