The Second Language By Vivian Cook

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Acquisition of an L2 (second language), has always been an important issue in the field of linguistics, and its relationship with an L1 (First language) is what concerns Vivian Cook in the chapter called “The relationship between first and second language learning revisited”.
In the chapter the author argues that the relationship between both L1 and L2, defines the second language. That is why SLA (Second Language Acquisition) research has taken ideas and research techniques from L1 research such as the independent grammar assumption, which claims that the child’s language, constitutes an independent system of its own, and is not a poor version of the adult’s one. And techniques, being the most obviously borrowed those
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First, the content was easy to read and caught my attention in few seconds, making it really smooth and interesting. Vivian Cook offered several arguments of other authors to support his ideas; consequently, this gave the readers a major view of the subject.
In general lines, I am in accordance with the ideas that the author expressed, because, we would be blind if we did not notice the relationships between L1 and L2. We can realize about this by just thinking that the L2 is acquired after a person has already one language, so he knows certain structures that interfere or influence the acquisition of this new language. On the other hand, some may take this as theft or lack of self-initiative, but I think is good and it is because, if an acquisition technique of learning an L1 has been tested one hundred percent and works, nothing is lost in use in it into another field, which besides, its related to. It is a draw line for experts to work from
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These arguments are the ones that made me meditate the most, because they are there in front of everyone, yet, I was never able to see them. For instance, when Cook claims that “The L2 learner already has at least one other language in his mind; the initial language state of his mind is in principle different from the L1 child, because of the first language...” This first language has already taken a place in the mind of the learner, so it is harder for the L2 to get without any

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