The Second Of Four Children

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I was born on April 26, 1980 and I was the third of four children. My parents brought me up in a very Christian home where we attended the local Church of Christ. My siblings and I were raised to be very respectful, friendly and honest. I was raised with many cousins and family members. We were a very family oriented. As a child I always loved to draw. When in middle school I took private art lessons and learn how to draw pencil and ink scenes. I could also do a little oil painting as well as watercolor. When I turned eighteen my parents moved to Ragley, Louisiana so we could live in the country. I am now married with four children living in Longville, Louisiana. My children are ages eighteen, fifteen, thirteen and nine. I am trying to raise my own children in the same type of Christian home as I was bought up in. Teaching them to be respectful and live an honest life. I believe one way of doing this is spending as much quality time with your children. I enjoy bringing our kids on vacations as much as we are able. I have taken several cruises to other countries with many different cultures. I have traveled to Nassau, Bahamas, Cozumel, Mexico as well as Progresso, Yucatan. When in Mexico and in Bahamas I was able to see their way of living and learned to appreciate what we Americans have. The everyday things I take for granted. I also will soon be going to Montego, Jamaica and George Town, Cayman Island. I have also traveled to a few places in United States including

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