The Secret Of Relationship

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Sacred Change The secret of relationship, I believe, is about knowing who you are from day one. Knowing what happened to you after day one and how it is affecting you and others throughout your life into now. I believe, that most if not all the reasons why we have conflicts, is about unhealed childhood wounds. I have found with my clients, and in my life, that nearly all the problems in relationships have to do with unhealed childhood issues. When wounds are not healed they are projected onto others and until we can own what is our behavior, we cannot get along and we cannot evolve, thus the wars, internalized oppression, that is projected onto others. It doesn 't matter what your faith is. I am a student of Kabbalah, I still have a childhood, like everybody else, and most, if not all families are unwittingly dysfunctional wound creators while simultaneously giving love and support. Our spiritual work, I call it spirituality 101, is to assess our wounds, own them, express them emotionally, understand them and grow to change them. We may never forget some of the things that have happened to us, sexual abuse, war, death of parents, these being but a few of the difficult things to remember, but we can still heal the damage and thereby project LIGHT instead of a wounded history! There are many ways to heal our childhood wounds but it can take a lifetime to resolve some of them completely. I am astounded by the many ways, the extremely creative ways, that my subconscious has
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